Rukiga Forum for Development

Rukiga Forum for Development

Rukiga Forum for Development (RUFODE) is a non-profit organization registered with the Registrar of Companies as a company limited by guarantee and not having share capital. The registered office of RUFODE is situated in Kamusiza Cell, Nyakashebeya Parish, Kashambya Sub-county, Rukiga District in South Western Uganda.

RUFODE works with Government, Civil society Organizations and development partners in improving rural livelihoods of people in Uganda.

RUFODE was started by a group of ten Ugandan Bakiga men and women, though the number is steadily increasing, to address the challenges faced by marginalized people in different communities in Uganda.

RUFODE also works in promoting economic empowerment of women in Uganda, fighting climatic change in Uganda, advocacy and lobbying stakeholders and development partners to provide basic needs and psychological support to the disadvantaged orphans, widows and the elderly in Uganda. RUFODE also advocates for democracy and respect for human rights in Uganda, RUFODE also works to mobilize resources and lobbies for financial support to active communities in Uganda.


22 January 2015


Non-Governmental Organization